B-USEFUL Annual Meeting 2023: A Milestone of Collaboration and Progress in Palma de Mallorca

31–03 November 2023

Palma Aquarium, Palma de Mallorca

The B-USEFUL partners gathered at the amazing Palma Aquarium from October 31st to November 3rd, 2023, for an inspiring and productive Annual Meeting. This year’s event, hosted by IEO-CSIC, marked a significant step forward in our collaborative efforts to enhance biodiversity understanding and sustainable use of marine ecosystems.

Expert Collaboration and Innovation

The meeting successfully brought together experts from various fields, both in-person and virtually. This convergence of diverse perspectives fostered an environment rich in innovation and collaborative spirit.

Key Highlights of the Meeting

  • Co-Creation in Practice:
    The event featured insightful discussions on co-creation, highlighting the importance of engaging with end-users in the development of sustainability indicators and the co-design process.
  • The i-BLUE Game Introduction:
    A major highlight was the unveiling of the i-BLUE game, an innovative tool designed to simulate marine conservation scenarios. This serious game offers a unique approach to understanding the complexities of marine policy-making and biodiversity indicator selection.
  • Advancements in Data Management:
    Significant progress was reported in the compilation and harmonization of data, particularly regarding #MetaDataCatalogues surveys and traits for Mediterranean fish and macroinvertebrates. These discussions underscored the project’s dedication to robust and accessible scientific data.
  • Workshops on Biodiversity Indicators and Modelling:
    The meeting included workshops focused on biodiversity indicators, cumulative impacts, and species distribution models. These sessions provided valuable insights into methodological challenges and advancements, emphasizing the need for consistent criteria across marine regions.
  • Policy Integration:
    Discussions revolved around integrating scientific findings into actionable policy recommendations, emphasizing the project’s commitment to influencing marine policy for sustainability.
  • Outreach Workshop:
    A dedicated workshop on outreach strategies was held, aiming to enhance public engagement and awareness. This session underscored the importance of effective communication in disseminating research findings and engaging the broader community in marine conservation efforts.

Discover Our Meeting Through IB3 Notícies

Check out @IB3noticies’ coverage of our Annual Palma meeting! Explore our marine research initiatives in their article (🇪🇸) and see our team’s work in action during their brief visit to the event.

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Martin Lindegren, DTU

Martin Lindegren (DTU), B-USEFUL Project Coordinator, introduces the meeting’s focus and goals.

Manuel Hidalgo, IEO-CSIC

Manuel Hidalgo (IEO, CSIC), host of the meeting, summarizing the 2nd Modelling Workshop.

Day 1: Modelling Workshop

Group picture of the Modelling Workshop participants. A day focusing on key aspects like data collection, species traits, and model setup intricacies.

Maria Teresa Spedicato, COISPA

Maria Teresa Spedicato (COISPA), discussing data harmonization, MetaDataCatalogues surveys, and drivers.

Vaishav Soni, ICES

Vaishav Soni (ICES), presenting on the Data-Management-Plan (DMP), FAIRness of Data, Data Licensing, and Ethics.

Walter Zupa, COISPA

Walter Zupa (COISPA), discussing Data Checks and Harmonization, with a focus on MEDITS data quality and the RoME tool.

Patricia Puerta, IEO-CSIC

Marcel Montanyes (DTU), discussed the Atlantic case study, highlighting key environmental drivers in fish communities, model predictive performance, and preliminary forecast results.

Marcel Montanyes, DTU

Patricia Puerta (IEO, CSIC), talking about the preliminary Mediterranean ecosystem models, highlighting species diversity and environmental influences.

Stratos Batziakas, HCMR

Stratos Batziakas (HCMR), discussing the intricacies of ontogeny models, their targets and approaches.

Lobke Jurrius, WR

Lobke Jurrius (WR), presented the i-BLUE game, a serious gaming approach for marine conservation policy-making, highlighting its design, process, and insights from the preliminary game played at the ASC in Bilbao.

Georg Engelhard and Louise Rutterford (CEFAS), outlined the ‘Risk and Vulnerability’ work package, discussing the framework for assessing risks to marine life in Europe’s seas.

Laurene Pecuchet (UiT), discussed future biodiversity predictions and the co-design of scenarios with end-users, highlighting the need for a balance between creativity and realistic expectations.

Ute Jacob, HIFMB

Ute Jacob (HIFMB/AWI), discussed activities on science-policy integration and future collaborations for a policy workshop, emphasizing B-USEFUL’s role in EU environmental initiatives

Mira Antonjevic, јутро Design

Mira Antonijevic, our expert designer, discussed innovative Content Dissemination Strategies for the project, including website design, social media engagement, and product development

Breakout groups on Structural Equation Models (SEMs), fostering collaborative discussions among experts.

Collaborative breakout groups during the Website Workshop, gathering valuable partner insights on enhancing our website and outreach activities.

Josie Antonucci (HIFMB/AWI), presenting insights from the collaborative breakout sessions during the Website Workshop.

B-USEFUL’s Ongoing Commitment

As B-USEFUL members continue to drive forward in marine sustainability, we remain dedicated to sharing our progress and insights with the scientific community and the public.