B-USEFUL will contribute to achieving the policy goals of the EU Green Deal and the 2030 Biodiversity Strategy.

B-USEFUL is a five-year EU-funded project aiming to create user-oriented Solutions for improved monitoring and  management of biodiversity and ecosystem services in vulnerable European Seas

B-USEFUL will contribute to achieve the ambitious policy goals set out by the EU Green Deal and the Biodiversity Strategy 2030 by developing user-oriented tools and solutions to conserve and protect marine biodiversity, effectively building and improving upon existing European data infrastructures and governance frameworks. To that end, B-USEFUL will provide evidence-based guidance for ecosystem-based management (EBM) in general and marine spatial planning (MSP) in particular to …

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A schematic representation of a decision-support tool co-developed with end-users within B-USEFUL. The tool aims to provide interactive maps of multiple biodiversity indicators and risks for both marine fish and benthic invertebrates, as well as evaluations of management actions (notably the placement of MPAs) that serves to minimize conflict and trade-offs between biodiversity protection and other human uses of the ocean space (e. g., fishing and renewable energy).

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