Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

B-USEFUL study area

Our Study area To ensure the accessibility of high-quality data informing our approach, B-USEFUL will focus on European shelf seas where long-term scientific survey data on species abundances, traits and …

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iBLUE-game at the ICESASC23

Serious gaming to support Marine Biodiversity Management Join the iBLUE-game at the ICESASC23! Dive into a fictional marine world as a marine policymaker. Will you be able to locate and …

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workshop member group photo in barcelona. spain

Hierarchical Modelling of Species Communities (HMSC)

B-USEFUL celebrated from 22—24 February a HMSC (Hierarchical Modelling of Species Communities) Training Workshop at the Institute of Marine Science (ICM, CSIC) in Barcelona (Spain). The workshop was kindly hosted …

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